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Keep innovating and improving

We practice proactive customer service by making our customers happy before they come to us with problems. Our customers have access to real people, not bots.

Customer Satisfaction

We at Rishi Consultancy , understand your business, responsibilities and functions and provide you a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

The continuous process of innovation helps us to be one step ahead by continuously improving upon the current process. It helps us to adapt and anticipate customer expectation and provide uninterrupted better results. With our innovative approach to software development and proactive suggestions, we have helped many of our clients get software solutions that exceeded their expectations. Innovation delivers far-reaching benefits to our team, workplace, and brand. And, in this highly-connected world, it will keep us relevant, adaptive, and ahead of the game.

We at Rishi Consultancy , take an idea, turn it into a concept, prototype and eventually into a solution. We provide a broad range of IT strategy, architecture, development, implementation, and monitoring services to large and small sized companies.

Complete IT Solutions

for your business


Turn Great Idea into Reality

An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable items. We're Right By Your Side to realize all your software needs.

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